Here is a description of most of the services Maximal Studio can provide; if you have other needs, do not hesitate to make an inquiry.

Voice-Over and Narration

Our cast of voice talent includes hundreds of professionals, including children, teenagers and adults; theater, movie and television actors; and character actors. We have recorded in Brazilian Portuguese and from Portugal, English (varied accents such as British, American, Australian, South African and Jamaican), Spanish from various countries, French, German, Japanese and others. We can provide a professional for your project, whether it is a corporate or training video, voiceover, teaching course or whatever your need may be.

Languages, Second Languages and E-learning

For over 10 years, we have been supplying the market with teaching projects such as audio books, listening materials for language schools and e-learning in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Our cast is made up of a large variety of native speakers from all over the world and includes children, adolescents and adults. We can handle production of your project from the development of the script, voice casting, providing directors, editing and compiling the recordings and finalizing them with sound effects and musical backgrounds. After a deadline is established, we do our best to meet the expectations of your company.

Dubbing and Voice-Over

We provide talent for dubbing movies, videos and games, as well as voiceovers for any recording, such as corporate films and training courses. The professionals chosen for your project are all experienced in their fields and can be matched with directors to assure the end result is more than satisfactory. If a familiar voice is required, such as someone from TV or another media, we will contact them as well.

Games Localization

Maximal Studio is a specialist in providing translation and audio localization for Triple A, indie, institutional and educational videogames. If your company has a game in a foreign language which needs to be localized to brazilian Portuguese, we are the answer. Our cast is made up of the best professionals in the market, and each one is licensed for this kind of work.

Sound Effects and Sound Design

We have mastered the art of inserting sound effects and creating sound design for all kinds of videos, games, publicity materials and websites. We work harder than ever to meet the goals planned for your project by creating a perfect ambience through sound effects and design.


If you or your company has many ideas and would like to share through the internet by radioshows known as podcasts, we offer this kind of production. We create all the concept, soundtracks, sound effects and voiceover for your idea.

Jingles, Soundtracks and Spots

If you have an idea and want to transform it into a song, you can count on our production team. We can compose jingles, scores or soundtracks which complement your project.

Jingles: A jingle may be an essential piece to help readily identify your brand or product on the radio, television or the internet. After being briefed by the client, we can provide every stage in the production of a jingle, from writing lyrics to musical arrangement and the final recording.

Soundtracks: You may decide a personalized theme is best for your video, game, on-hold message or website. We can create the perfect music for your project, or offer tunes from our extensive library*.

Spots: We have a staff of writers who can develop the script for your radio, television or internet commercial, and a creative team who matches the theme of your ad with sound effects and music, either composed and recorded specifically for your needs, or chosen from our library*.

*Library: Our library consists of an archive of thousands of imported tunes which have been recorded and mastered by studios which are specialized in musical production. We have obtained the rights for use and distribution through contracts signed by both parties. They are an alternative for projects which have a limited budget.

On-hold Messages

The message a customer hears while on hold is essential to your business. If you receive many calls, the on-hold message can play a key role in registering your brand, service or product. The time spent waiting may be just enough to sell your customer on choosing you, or to pass along important information. We can provide the entire production of on-hold messages, from writing the script, recording the voiceover and suggesting the sound effect or background music, either composed specially for your company, or chosen from our library* to minimize costs.

IVR, Telemarketing and Voice Portals

If you choose to include IVR, Telemarketing (corporate or political) or a Voice Portal in your business services, we offer a complete range of services to help you get the most out of these tools. We can produce music or jingles and provide voices for any kind of telephone service there is.

Video Post-Production

We offer post-production services for all your video needs. If you have raw footage and need to edit it to a specific length of time, include sound effects, soundtracks, lettering, subtitles, dubbing or even mix the audio in Surround Sound 5.1, count on Maximal Studio. We guarantee the best finishing touches for your video and can provide the final product in any format needed.

Translation Services

With our team of native-speaking translators in many languages, you can be assured that your texts for dubbing, voiceovers, announcing or subtitles will be accurate and easy to understand.

These are the main audio and video services offered by Maximal Studio. Click on PORTFOLIO to see for yourself how professional we are!